Friday, November 15, 2013

I'm baaaaaack!

Hey Y'all,

Yes, I have been MIA, but...let's see, where to begin? Okay, grad school, going well. The pain associated with research, annotated bibliographies of no fewer than 300 journals, articles, book chapters, interviews and endless, mind boggling, pointless, but necessary, reading of long winded, egomaniacal, "I need to be published, or I'm going to die!," rhetoric, feels good! It is finally coming together. Now, we begin the first of many in depth research projects that focus on my true passion, nuclear physics. Just kidding. It is obvious where my passion flows,wine. Literally and figuratively. (I actually know quantum physics...just sayin')

As I navigate through the myriad of peer reviewed journals associated with all things grape, I will be sharing my findings with a broader audience. Please keep following.

Until next time,